$BackstabDoge Tokenomics

$BackstabDoge is a Bep20 token which rewards its holders with automatic passive interest payments every 12 minutes over the lifespan of 13.5 years until the maximum supply of 1 Billion tokens has been reached.
Is BackstabDoge just another Titano Fork?
Our entire protocol's smart contract was written and developed from scratch from our own competent group of developers. It does not contain any resemblance to Titano's code or operation as BackstabDoge works on a completely new set of mechanics which allows for complete protocol sustainability.
We also have several proprietary mechanisms in place that we have created ourselves which offers many improvements over our competition such as; our BackstabDoge Auto-Liquidity Engine (BALE), the Safuu Insurance Fund (SIF), our Longterm Interest Cycle (LIC), aswell as safeguards in place which secure against malicious hack attempts.
BackstabDoge's tokenomics are also completely unique with our Auto-Burn Fire Pit structure, minimal starting supply and lower 12 minute Epoch's for a much more linear APY progression of attainability.
BackstabDoge smart contract: 0x0cdda5de813af159d1e831f785de0110a414a3fb